Technology that Soars

History was made - NRT invented In-Flight Sorting® brand sorting machines nearly 20 years ago, installing the first unit equipped with this technology in 1995. Ever since, NRT customers have been leading the industry in hit rate and recovery.

NRT units detect and eject material while it is in flight after it has left the belt. Others typically detect over the belt and then eject material some time later. This distinction makes all the difference.

The NRT Difference: In-Flight Sorting®

  • Reduces motion-related error
  • Eliminates signal error from belt interference
  • Offers a full array of spectrometers to provide identification across entire belt width
  • Enables use of transmissive detection for industry's highest signal-to-noise ratio
  • Continuous auto-calibration

In-Flight Sorting® brand sorting machines enable either transmissive or reflective sorting

Transmissive Detection

  • Detection signals are stronger and cleaner – Best signal-to-noise ratio
  • Highest accuracy for transparent material; ideal for PET stream
  • Transmissive detection reads through the entire bottle wall and improves accuracy by:

    - Providing a more robust polymer identification
    - Eliminating interference from labels

Reflective Detection

  • Detection of opaque polymers such as HDPE and PVC
  • Accurately detects and ejects In Flight
  • Extremely low maintenance cost